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Welcome to Camping Nilimella!

Camping Nilimella is located on the river Kitinen in the centre of Sodankylä, on the crossroads of routes 4 and 5. In our camping You can stop to rest or spend a longer vacation with your family. Camping Nilimella is known of its beatiful location and good services in the center of Lapland!

In addition you have also a great opportunity to fish, hike or even hunt in the beautiful nature of Lapland.

In our 3 star camping area we have 4 apartments, 4 beach apartments, 20 cottages, 80 caravanplaces which of 20 are gardenfenced and 40 with electricity, reception, beachbar and a beach with a changing facility and several hobby alternatives.

If you are hungry, you can get some snacks from the pub below on the beach. Distance to the centre and services is less than 1 kilometer. We have also canoes for rent. Camping Nilimella reception is open from 1.6. to 31.8. If you arrive some time other, please contact us.
Camping Nilimella Sodankylä / Piitsi Pubi - Kelukoskentie 5, 99600 Sodankylä - 016 612181, +35845 6769 274